Improve Your Remote Collaboration With P2 — The Blog

P2 powers internal collaboration at — and now it’s free for everyone. As more collaboration is happening remotely and online — work yes, but increasingly also school and personal relationships — we’re all looking for better ways to work together online. Normally, teachers hand out homework to students in person, and project leaders gather […]

Improve Your Remote Collaboration With P2 — The Blog

Affiliate Marketing Can Help You Reach A New Audience!

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Pro’s of Affiliate Marketing Blogs:-)


⦁ It’s FREE – the primary benefit to setting up an affiliate program is low upfront costs – Zero Payment is Needed.
⦁ You get to work from your own home on your own terms
⦁ It allows you to easily grow your affiliate network, by building an email list that you can use to further grow your business by sending traffic back to your site to promote.
⦁ It’s a Billion-dollar Business and more than 15,000 + business are now using this method to drive traffic to their individual business websites.
⦁ It’s an excellent Secondary Source” of Income.
⦁ It’s a great way to build up trust and establish a solid reputation.
⦁ It’s an excellent way to offer or promote marketer’s affiliate products.

Over 80% of publishers and affiliates benefit from some sort of affiliate program.

Con’s of Affiliate Marketing Blogs


Such as these,

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  • It takes time to create an actionable content blog that draws the reader into committing an action to register or subscribe.

  • It takes and a bit of research to select the best Online Business Comparison Blogger platforms.


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